Turkish bombing kills two civilians in Syria’s Ain Issa

AIN ISSA, Syria (North Press) – Two civilians lost their lives after midnight on Thursday after a violent Turkish bombing on their home in the village of Jahbel, east of Syria’s Ain Issa, collapsed their home.

A medical source from Ain Issa said that 31-year-old Yusef Abdo Maamou and his brother, 55-year-old Mustafa Abdo Maamou, were killed when the roof of their home collapsed on them. The source added that the bodies of the two brothers are still under the rubble of their house, and retrieval is impossible due to the village now sitting on the front lines.  

The source pointed out that since midnight yesterday, the vicinity of Ain Issa witnessed “fierce battles in which various types of weapons were used, while Turkish forces participated in supporting the attack of the armed opposition factions.”

The source said that Turkish drones are still hovering in the sky of the town.

Turkish forces and the armed opposition groups recently deployed military reinforcements to the villages of Abu Kharza, Sallum, and Rummana, opposite the villages of Hoshan and Khaldiya, adjacent to the M4 highway.

Reporting by Fattah Issa