Multiple Kurdish National Council headquarters attacked in northeast Syria

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Late Sunday night – Monday, the Kurdish National Council in Syria (ENKS) office in northern Syria’s Derbasiya was attacked by unknown persons, while other unknown attackers threw Molotov cocktails at the ENKS office in the city of Qamishli.

Social media posts showed images and videos showing broken doors in addition to damaged furniture.

Idris Shiih Khalaf, the official in charge of the ENKS office in Derbasiya, told North Press in a phone call that the identities of the attackers are still unknown.

He added that the actors or parties behind the attacks seek to “thwart the efforts to unify the Kurdish ranks in Syria.”

Ashraf Al-Mulla, deputy head of ENKS in Derbasiya, said on his personal Facebook account that unknown persons also tried to burn his car by throwing a Molotov cocktail into the yard of his home, but that they were able to extinguish the fire before material damage occurred.

ENKS leader Saud al-Mulla also told North Press on Monday that the parties behind the targeting of the council’s headquarters in Qamishli and Derbasiya are seeking to interfere with efforts to unify Kurdish political parties in Syria, adding that that the two attacks are “a continuation of previous attacks on the headquarters of the Kurdish National Council.”

“The Kurdish people in Syria are victims of external parties and intelligence agencies which are behind these events,” he explained.

He also accused the local Internal Security Forces (Asayish) of “negligence in carrying out their work” and failing to arrest the perpetrators. The Asayish have not yet issued any clarification yet about the circumstances of the incident.

Eyewitnesses near the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) office in Qamishli told North Press that a group of masked individuals fled before the Asayish arrived.

A source from ENKS told North Press that the council is now holding a meeting to issue a statement about the incident.

Reporting by Hogir Abdo and Agid Mishmish