Children killed and injured in Syria’s Ain Issa due to Turkish bombing

(North Press) – A child and a young man lost their lives and two other children were injured on Friday, due to the explosion of a shell remnants of the Turkish bombing on the vicinity of Ain Issa town, north of Raqqa.

The explosion took place in the village of Abu Serra in Ain Issa district, this morning, with a group of cattle herders, which led to the loss of a child and a young man, and the injury of two other children with varying wounds, local sources reported to North Press.      

The source added that the child Uday Ismail al-Ahmad, 16, and the young Muhammad Ali al-Ahmad, 18, lost their lives in the explosion, while the two children Saleh al-Ahmad, 16, and Mu’ayyad Ali al-Ahmad, 16, were injured.

The source indicated that the victims and the injured are relatives.

The injured were transferred to Ain Issa Hospital for treatment.

The Turkish bombing on the area caused material damage to civilian property, in addition to damaging the power network.  

On November 22, Ain Issa district was attacked by the Turkish-backed armed opposition groups in conjunction with violent bombardment with more than 200 mortar shells, causing the injury of 8 civilians, according to local sources.  

There are Russian bases and Syrian government military posts in the area that are stationed there according to an agreement with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Meanwhile, Turkey signed with both Russia and the US two ceasefires in October 2019, but Ain Issa has been witnessing constant violations by Turkish-backed opposition groups.