Russian forces attempt to establish military base in Syria’s Derik

DERIK, Syria (North Press) – Dozens of residents of Ain Diwar village in Derik countryside, northeastern Syria, protested on Sunday against an attempt by Russian forces to establish a military base in their village.

On Sunday morning, Russian Military Police forces conducted a patrol consisting of 11 armored vehicles accompanied by two military helicopters on the Syrian-Turkish border in the Derik countryside.

The patrol started from the Russian base in Qamishli and stopped in the village of Ain Diwar in the northern countryside of Derik at one of the Syrian government forces’ bases.

The residents of Ain Diwar protested against the Russian forces’ presence and their attempt to establish themselves in their village, demanding they leave the village.

Residents in the village told North Press that Russian forces refused to leave, while Russian helicopters flew at a low altitude in an attempt to disperse the protestors.  

The sources added that the translator accompanying the Russian forces told the residents that they will not leave the village and will stay there for two weeks to train members of the Syrian government forces.

In late September, the Russian forces withdrew from the village of Borza east of Derik after people protested against their stationing in the area. 

Residents say that they don’t trust the Russian forces after their negative response to the Turkish offensive on Sere Kaniye and Afrin.

This is the fifth time that the Russian forces have tried to base themselves in the countryside of Derik amid protests from residents and objections to their presence.

Reporting by Solnar Mohammed