Government forces enter Kanaker, southern Syria after two-week standoff

KANAKER, Syria (North Press) – Syrian government forces began entering the town of Kanaker on Sunday after agreeing with the town’s residents on several points, including lifting the siege and releasing detainees.    

This came after a two-week siege imposed by government forces on the town after residents protested the arrests of three women and a young girl, blocking main roads as part of their protest.

Units of the government forces accompanied by the Local Reconciliation Committee entered the neighborhoods of the town of Kanaker in the morning hours, local sources reported to North Press.  

Leaders of the Fourth Squad, the head of the Military Security Branch in Sa’asa region, and officers in the 121 Brigade of the Seventh Division met with dignitaries of the town, the sources said.  

The sources added that the agreement included allowing government forces to enter with their cars and establish checkpoints inside the town, providing that this does not include the entry of heavy equipment and machinery. 

The sources pointed out that the agreement included work by both parties to remove backfill and tires and open the roads that were blocked during the blockade of the town. 

The agreement also included a comprehensive settlement for the militants and those wanted by government forces for those who wish to settle, taking into account the situation of conscientious objectors later, according to the sources. 

The sources noted that the government forces pledged to lift the siege on the town and release the detainees and the women whose arrests sparked the recent events in the town.

Government forces stipulated that they be allowed to inspect houses that are believed to have weapons caches, according to the sources.  

The sources stated that the two parties agreed to open a reconciliation tent in the town square, while the government forces pledged to implement all the terms that were agreed upon. 

Reporting by Adam Afram