Syrian Democratic Council and Popular Will Party sign memorandum on resolving Syrian crisis in Moscow

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Monday, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and the People’s Will Party announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with provisions related to the political roadmap to resolve the Syrian crisis in accordance with UN Resolution 2254 and the drafting of the Syrian constitution.

The press conference, held in the Russian capital Moscow, stated that all security and military options in Syria failed and didn’t solve the crisis.

They reached this understanding after recent meetings based on previous intellectual and practical intersections.

They stressed that this agreement was aimed at achieving comprehensive democratic, political, economic, and social change.

The two parties agreed that the new Syria will be a united Syria with all its communities, have a democratic constitution that achieves an advanced formula for the relationship between the decentralization that guarantees the people’s direct authority, and the centralization in basic affairs such as defense and foreign affairs.

The conference statement stated that the two parties support and are working to fully implement Resolution 2254, including the implementation of the Geneva Declaration and the inclusion of other opposition parties in the Syrian political process, including the Syrian Democratic Council.

The two parties agreed to commit to finding a just, democratic solution to the Kurdish issue in Syria in accordance with international covenants, and ensure constitutional recognition of their rights as well as the national rights of Assyrians, Syriacs, and all Syrian communities.

They also stressed that the Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria is an objective necessity and a societal need related to the country’s conditions and the needs of the region and that it is important to benefit from its positive and negative experiences.

The two sides agreed that Syrian government forces are a general national institution limited to carrying weapons and do not interfere with politics, and that the Syrian Democratic Forces should be involved in it on the basis of formulas and mechanisms to be agreed upon.

The memorandum was signed by the SDC by the President of the Executive Committee Ilham Ahmed, and for the People’s Will Party, Qadri Jamil, a member of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party.

Jamil said at the conference that the memorandum was made without any mediator, and he confirmed a joint visit with the SDC to the Russian Foreign Ministry to meet a high-level delegation.

Meanwhile, Ilham Ahmed said that this memorandum will be a new step towards a Syrian political solution, and called for focusing on a political solution instead of a military solution to end the conflict and crisis, as well as ensure the return of the displaced to their homeland and the release of detainees.

The People’s Will Party was established in 2011, and it forms one of the parties of the Popular Front for Liberation and Change (a coalition that includes the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and the People’s Will Party), and says that it adheres to Marxist-Leninist principles on economic and social levels, and is represented in the Syrian People’s Assembly with one member.

The Syrian Democratic Council represents the supreme political structure that forms the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, and the Syrian Democratic Forces represent its military wing, which, with the Global Coalition, defeated ISIS in Syria.