Himma station in Hasakah pumps water: Water Management to North Press

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – “All wells of the Himma water station entered service yesterday afternoon, and no water pumped from the Alouk station,” Sozdar Ahmad, co-chair of Water Management in Hasakah told North Press.

“We will re-fill the tanks to provide for the western neighborhoods of Hasakah on Monday night after completing the eastern side,” she added.

Ahmad noted the full time to cover all of the city of Hasakah is unknown, as it is the first time they have put the wells into service, and there is likely to be a difference between the study done about the wells and the practical reality.  

She emphasized the water from Alouk station has not reached Hasakah yet, despite reports about Turkey operating the station three days ago.

The Water Management in Hasakah announced on Sunday evening the pumping of water from Himma station for the first time, and provided the neighborhoods of Salihiya, Tala’e, Ghazal and Aziziya  in eastern Hasakah after two weeks of water cutoff by the Turkish military.