Individual initiatives to secure drinking water to Hasakah residents

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Helin Muhammad Osman, administrator in the Beauties of Rojava group, said on Sunday on Facebook that over the past two days they managed to provide more than 150 houses with water in Hasakah, and that they will continue their work as long as Turkey continues to cut off the water supply to Alouk station in Sere Kaniye countryside.

Osman pointed out that they distributed water bottles and filled tanks for free to Hasakah’s people.

In a special statement to North Press, she added “the initiative is ongoing to assist and provide water to the miserable city.”

She said that the initiative was merely an idea on their Facebook group of 69,000 members.

She confirmed that the group members donated with different amount of money and currencies, since a number of them reside abroad, and they do not receive any support from any party.

They sent money to notable individuals who bought water, hired tankers, and supervised the distribution of water in the neighborhoods, according to the activist.

She added that their initiative may expand according to the amount of donations. They are planning to fill the district’s UN water reservoirs, that “are emptied quickly due to people’s need.”

The group has already conducted a well digging initiative in Hasakah since the beginning of water crisis, according to a statement from the administrator.

Over the past few days, Qamishli residents showed their readiness to fill tanks with water from their wells for free to be sent to Hasakah, while a number of individuals from Hasakah  bought water and shared it for free.

Turkey has been cutting water flow to Hasakah city and its countryside for more than two weeks. Although 16 out of 30 wells in Alouk station operated on Sunday, water did not reach the city because of irregular operation of the station and the fact that reservoirs went unfilled, according to the Hasakah Water Directorate.   

 (Reporting by Abdulhalim Suleiman)