Excluding Syrian Democratic Council from Syrian Constitutional Committee big mistake: SDC official

WASHINGTON, USA (North Press) – Member of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) in Washington, Bassam Saker, criticized the lack of representation of the SDC in the upcoming Syrian Constitutional Committee, describing it as a big mistake. 

In a statement to North Press on Wednesday, Saker stated that the Turkish-backed Syrian opposition clings to the Adana agreement held between the Syrian government and Turkey to ensure the presence of the Turkish military in northern Syria.

“The contradiction in demands of both the Syrian government and the opposition reveals the absence of the real intentions of making change, which may lead to the failure of Geneva talks.”

Saker noted that SDC tries to urge the US to help northeastern Syria’s regions economically and to confront coronavirus pandemic via humanitarian and medical aid.

“Despite American efforts to improve the situation in the region and making promises, this does not amount to the level required, as the region is in need of a significant campaign of aid,” he added.  

Regarding Turkish policies in the region, Saker said “Turkey tries to impose its dominance over the region to achieve its dream in reviving the Ottoman Empire.”

He also indicated the differences between Moscow and Ankara in Syria based on the two countries’ ambition and competition.

Saker believes that Russia goes on its serene strategy in its relations with Turkey. 

He pointed out that this strategy is based on undermining and limiting the Turkish role in Syria, as it minimizes Turkish-held areas without any reaction by Erdogan.

Reporting by Hadeel Oueiss