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Continuous military escalation and intense Russian flights over Syria’s Idlib and Latakia

IDLIB, Syria (North Press) – Clashes continued on Monday in areas in the countryside of southern Idlib and northern Latakia, in conjunction with mutual shelling between Syrian government forces and armed opposition groups in Saraqeb, Zawiya Mountain, and Hdada.

Violent clashes renewed between Syrian government forces and its affiliated militias and  the armed opposition groups in Fateh Mobin operations room in Hadada and Kabina, south of Latakia, as Syrian government forces attempted to advance in the area.

Hadada region has been witnessing mutual artillery and missile shelling  between the two forces, coinciding with intense flights of Russian jets.

Armed opposition groups shelled areas in Saraqeb city, a Syrian government-held area in the east of Idlib countryside, with no reported casualties.

Violent clashes took place in Zawiya Mountain, south of Idlib, between the opposition groups from Fateh Mobin operations room and Syrian government forces and its affiliated militias.

Armed opposition groups received military reinforcements from Idlib city and its northern countryside   to the front lines in south and east Idlib, amid flights of Russian military aircraft.

Armed opposition groups shot down a Russian reconnaissance plane on Monday in Tel Aawar in the northern Hama countryside.

Russian warplanes targeted farms on the outskirts of Binnish town and Foaa village on Monday, wounding a number of civilians. 

Meanwhile, Syrian government forces artillery shelled sites in Binnish and Foaa.  

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