After Turkish provocations and cutting wate, Water Directorate in Hasakah to drill wells

Hasakah – North-Press Agency
Jindar Abdulqader


On Tuesday, the Directorate of Potable Water in Hasakah district, in northeastern Syria, said that they have started a project to provide drinking water to the city's residents, as well as the towns of Tal Tamr and al-Hawl and their countrysides, by drilling wells and providing these areas with water.

This news came during a press conference held by Sozdar Ahmad and Abdulghani Osso, co-presidents of the Directorate of Potable Water in Hasakah, at the water purification plant in al-Hammah to the northwest of Hasakah.  

Osso stated that the repeated provocations of the Turkish military and its affiliated Syrian armed opposition groups, which cut water to hundreds of thousands of residents of northeastern Syria in order to obtain electricity and a number of other materials, pushed them to find a solution to end the suffering of the population and end Turkish control over Aluk Water Station.

In a statement to North-Press, Sozdar Ahmad said that due to the cutting of drinking water from Aluk Water Station for the third time during the past four months, “We, as the General Directorate of Potable Water, have searched for areas of drinkable water within Hasakah city, and we drilled several experimental wells in order to determine the water quality.”

She added that the result of chemical and physical analysis of a well in the filtering station in al-Hammah made it clear that it is potable, saying: “We will drill 50 wells; the flow rate of each of them is about 13 m³ per hour, with a total capacity of 600 m³ per hour, and the project will take 29 days to implement, after which the water will be pumped to the people."   

She indicated that they have prepared a reserve project for the town of Tal Tamr and it will be started in the next few days.

"In the current period, water will be distributed to the people via tanks, and water will be delivered to the residents of the city of Hasakah," Ms. Ahmad said.


Three days ago, the Turkish military cut off water from the city of Hasakah again, causing a humanitarian catastrophe for hundreds of thousands of people, according to what the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) announced in a statement posted on its website on Monday.