40 murders and 60 rapes against women since the Turkish military invasion of Afrin – Human rights activist

Northern Aleppo – North-Press Agency

Dejla Khalil

The lawyer Samira Abdul Rahman, a human rights activist from Afrin told North-Press on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which is celebrated on 25 November, about the violations against women in Afrin since the beginning of the Turkish military invasion and its affiliated armed opposition groups on January 20, 2018.

Samira Abdul Rahman asserted that the Turkish military violated all international principles and conventions against civilians, especially women and children, where the number of victims of women has reached 1,200, including 40 killed and 1,000 kidnapped, in addition to 100 wounded, and 60 cases of rape. Abdul Rahman said: "Cases of sexual violence and rape are difficult to document, because the victim does not dare to disclose them due to the social considerations that create a psychological and social rift in the family.” Samira said they have difficulty to document violations, because the inability of activists and international committees to enter and document the fact-findings in the region of Afrin.

In conclusion, she called on human rights organizations and the United Nations to take immediate action and intervene to stop violations against civilians, especially women and children.