We will buy wheat in dollars and unveil the price after the transfer of crops: Autonomous Administration

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced its willingness to buy wheat from farmers in US dollars on Saturday, due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against foreign currencies.

The Administration said during a conference held in its headquarters in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa that it would reveal the pricing of wheat after farmers transfer the entire crop to centers in North and East Syria.

The conference was attended by the co-chair of the Executive Council of North and East Syria, Abd al-Hamid al-Mahbash, and the co-chairs of the Economic and Agriculture Board Salman Barudo and Amal Khazim.

The Autonomous Administration urged all farmers to transfer the wheat crop to its reception centers in northeastern Syria.

In May, the Administration decided to raise the price of wheat to 315 Syrian pounds, after having set the price at 225 Syrian pounds in April, which led to general discontent among farmers in the region.

On Sunday, hours after the Autonomous Administration announced its new price, the Syrian government raised the price of wheat to 400SYP.

On Friday, the Administration prohibited the transfer and export of wheat outside its regions, under penalty of violation.

The Autonomous Administration  Economic and Agriculture Board expects that wheat production this year will reach 850,000 tons, as 70% of agricultural land has been cultivated.