Joe Biden condemned Trump’s hesitation in supporting Syria’s Kurds

WASHINTON, US (North Press) – Kamala Harris, Deputy presidential candidate for the US Democratic Party Joe Biden, condemned Trump's hesitation in supporting Syria’s Kurds, she said in a debate on Wednesday.

Moreover, she described Trump's deeds of the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the Iran nuclear agreement, and his hesitating stance in supporting the Kurds in Syria as shameful and distorted the image of the United States internationally.

The presidential candidate of the American Democratic Party Joe Biden, chose his deputy, Kamala to be his partner in the election campaign of 2020 in a decision described traditional politically, while Harris has attitudes that suit Biden's and “traditional” Republicans.

Harris was chosen to be the first female deputy and the first black female for this position.

Regarding Syrian crisis, Harris severely criticized the Syrian president Bashar Assad and the Turkish role in northern Syria.


She was a Senator who supported the US recognition of the Armenian Genocide that Turkey committed in the last century.

She also issued a statement in 2017, in which she described the Syrian president Bashar Assad as a “War criminal.”

“The international community should not ignore Assad’s crimes, he is not a mere dictator, he does not show mercy to his people, he treats them brutally, and he viciously attacks innocent civilians," she said.  

She called on the Congress to put a clear strategy with the allies to find a solution to the Syrian crisis.

In 2017, she called to reopen the US borders for the Syrian refugees, especially for children and families fleeing violence and oppression in Syria, after posting photos of Syrian dead children due to Syrian government attacks.

“President Donald Trump sold out United States allies and gave ISIS a new lease on life by withdrawing troops from Syria,” Vice President Joe Biden said on October 16, 2019 following the Turkish invasion on Tal Abyad and Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain) regions, northern Syria.      
(Editing by Juan Shkaki)