U.S representative in northeastern Syria meets with a delegation from the Freedom and Peace Front

On Thursday, US representative to northeastern Syria Zahra Bell met with a delegation from the Peace and Freedom Front, which was announced in Qamishli three weeks ago.


The Front said in a statement published on Thursday that "the US, represented by Zahra Bell and her assistant Emily Brandit, made it clear that they are working to unify all factions of the Syrian opposition, and that our sponsorship of the intra-Kurdish dialogue falls within this framework."


The statement added that Bell stressed working to find a political solution for the Syrian crisis by pressuring the regime and imposing economic sanctions on it in order for them to follow international resolutions on Syria, especially UN Resolution 2254.


The statement pointed out that the front assured the Americans that it "will work for good relations with all parties of the Syrian opposition and will contribute to bringing their views closer together in order to preserve the unity of the negotiating body of the Syrian opposition."


The Peace and Freedom Front brings together the the Kurdish National Council in Syria, the Assyrian Democratic Organization, Syria's Tomorrow Movement, and the Arab Council in the Jazira and the Euphrates.


The founding statement of the Front stated that it is a framework for a political alliance between a number of Syrian political forces that seek to build a pluralistic, decentralized, democratic system that safeguards the dignity and freedom of Syrians and takes into account all Syrian communities and their national and democratic rights, leading to a true citizenship state.