James Jeffrey: We will help Russia politically in Syria if they stay away from Assad and Iran

North-Press Agency


On Tuesday, U.S. Special Envoy for Syria James Jeffrey linked any U.S. assistance to Russia, which he considers to have succeeded militarily in Syria, to Russia’s moving away from President Assad and Iran.


Speaking Tuesday via a video conference organized by the Hudson Institute, James Jeffrey said: "Russia has vital interests in Syria, demonstrated by the maintenance of its military bases in this country and protection of its economic investments."


Jeffrey said that the Russians are indeed very successful in Syria from the military point of view, and the problem is the lack of a political exit due to the difficulties related to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, according to the Russia Today (RT) TV network.


He continued, "Our mission is to open the road ahead for them through the United Nations, but that requires them to move away from Assad and the Iranians."


Regarding Moscow's dissatisfaction with the Syrian president, he said: "Yes, we consider these reports to be true, we have spoken with the Russians in the last year, and they are not satisfied with Assad, but the problem is that they see no alternative."


In a press conference on May 8th, Jeffrey stated that his country has never sought to remove Russia from Syria.


"In this regard, we are more concerned with the withdrawal of Iranians and the militias under their command from Syria," Jeffrey said.



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