ISIS seizes weapons shipment in Syrian Desert

HOMS, Syria (North Press) – The Islamic State (ISIS) seized on Sunday a shipment of weapons of the Syrian government forces in the Syrian Desert.

ISIS militants attacked a patrol of the government forces and seized vehicles loaded with weapons, ammunition and logistics near the city of Palmyra in the Syrian Desert.

A military source of the government forces said the ISIS militants ambushed the military patrol of the government forces near Palmyra.

The ambush led to the eruption of mutual clashes between the two parties that forced the soldiers of the government forces to flee leaving behind the weapons shipment.

The government’s patrol was heading from a headquarters of the Division 26 of the Air Forces in the city of Palmyra to T4 military base in the countryside of the city, according to the source.

The Syrian Desert occupies approximately half of Syria’s territory, covering an area of 80,000 square kilometers. It is known for its abundance of valuable resources, including gas fields, oil wells, and phosphates.

The area’s valleys and mountains have provided a favorable environment for ISIS militants to establish hideouts and launch surprise attacks.  

By Omar Abdurrahman