Suspected Israeli airstrike on sites in Syria leaves casualties

HOMS, Syria (North Press) – A suspected Israeli airstrike targeted on Wednesday sites in Homs and Baniyas in central and western Syria, leaving casualties among civilians and the Syrian government forces.

State-run SANA news agency reported, “Israeli enemy launched an air aggression from the direction of Lebanese territory, targeting a site in the central region and a residential building in the city of Baniyas in the coastal region.”

An exclusive source told North Press that an Israeli airstrike targeted the southern Kornish Neighborhood in Tel Nofous area in the city of Baniyas, resulting in the killing of a child and the injury of 10 other individuals.

The source added that the Israeli airstrike also targeted a checkpoint of the government forces in the Furqules area in the east of Homs, resulting in the killing of three government soldiers.

By Saad al-Yaziji