Turkish shelling causes fire in agriculture lands in Syria’s Manbij

MANBIJ, Syria (North Press) – Manbij Military Council, a component of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), announced on Tuesday that the Turkish forces targeted inhabited villages in the countryside of Manbij, northern Syria, resulting in fire in agriculture lands. 

The Council said in a statement published on its official website that the Turkish forces and its affiliated armed opposition factions, aka the Syrian National Army (SNA), shelled the village of al-Dandaniyah in the northwestern countryside of Manbij.

It added that the Turkish shelling of the village of Umm Adasah, west of Manbij, caused fire in the agricultural lands.

The Council pointed out that the shelling targeted the village of Qart Weran and the town of Arima, and that the source of the shelling was from the Turkish forces stationed in the village of Shawa, west of Manbij.

Turkey frequently targets cities and towns in north and east Syria with drones, artillery shells and heavy weapons, causing casualties and material damage, especially in civilian property.

The city of Manbij and its countryside are militarily run by the Manbij Military Council that was founded in 2017 from the communities of the area.  

By Fattah Issa