Residents of Syria’s Derik mourn 3 Asayish members killed in Turkish attack

DERIK, Syria (North Press) – Hundreds of residents in the city of Derik (al-Malikiyah), far-northeast Syria, attended, on Thursday, the funeral of three members of the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria (Asayish), who lost their lives in Turkish attacks.

Hundreds of residents from Derik, Kocharat and the town of Girke Lege (Maabadeh), participated in the funeral, marching on foot from Derik National Hospital to the Youth Center in the city.

During the funeral ceremony, several speeches were delivered, including one by the politician Havrin Khalaf’s mother, a speech by the Syriac Union, and another by Sutoro.

On Wednesday, the General Command of Sutoro Police, affiliated with the Asayish, announced the loss of three of its members in a Turkish drone strike in Derik. 

The attendees and the speakers strongly condemned the Turkish attacks on the people of the region, including Syriacs, Kurds, and Arabs. They also praised the role of the people in protecting and ensuring the security and stability of the region, despite the escalating Turkish aggression and continuous bombing of sites and service centers.

By Saad al-Yaziji