AANES approves High Electoral Commission’s law

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – The Democratic Council of the People in North and East Syria approved on Wednesday the High Electoral Commission’s law as a preliminary step to conduct elections in areas of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES).

The Council held its regular session number 94 with the attendance of 78 members to approve the law, which is a preliminary procedure for the expected municipal elections to be held in the upcoming April.

Saham Qariyo, the co-chair of the Democratic Council of the People, stated that the High Electoral Commission consists of 20 members with a four-year renewable term.

According to the law, which North Press has reviewed its articles, the tasks of the commission include preparing the voter registry for those who meet the voting requirements, approving the list of political entities and independents, setting the date of the elections, and deciding on appeals against election results.

The commission has committees in the governorates of northern and eastern Syria, including the Electoral District Office, the Supervision and Audit Office, and the Appeals Office.

Regarding election appeals, the law stipulates the right of the candidate, voter, or political entity to file an objection and appeal against any procedure of the electoral process in the governorates that have a non-final decision, which should be referred to the High Electoral Commission in case of objection, according to the articles of the law.

By Zana al-Ali