1 protestor killed, another injured in Syria’s Suwayda

SUWAYDA, Syria (North Press) – A protester was killed in, on Wednesday, by the Syrian government security forces during an attempt to crackdown protesters in front of the Reconciliation Center in the 7th of April Hall in Suwayda Governorate, southern Syria.

Dozens of protestors gathered on Wednesday in front of the center, rejecting the reconciliations carried out by the government, saying that they aim to end the protests in Suwayda.

The government security forces opened fire on the protesters in front of the center to disperse them, resulting in the injury of Jawad al-Barouki, who was taken to the hospital but passed away two hours after receiving medical assistance. Another protester, Waleed al-Jawhari, was injured and he is in good situation.

Suwayda is currently experiencing turmoil after the incident, with calls for calm and demands to remove the government security branches from the city.

By Murhaf al-Sha’er