Government authorities arrest journalist in Syria’s Tartus

TARTUS, Syria (North Press) – The security apparatus of the Syrian government  arrested a journalist in the city of Tartus, western Syria, in his first trial session for supporting Suwayda protests.

Mahmoud Ibrahim, a journalist who used to work in the al-Thawra newspaper owned by the state, was arrested on Feb. 25, on charges of supporting armed rebellion against the state.

Ibrahim had posted on his account  he was suspended from work since September 2023 and was banned from working in facilities of the Syrian government.

He pointed out that he was legally wanted by the authorities after sharing a post on Facebook supporting the peaceful protests in Suwayda Governorate, southern Syria.

The journalist was arrested at his first trial session and charged with supporting armed disobedience, violating the Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic and undermining the stature of the State.

By Ahmad Othman