Global Coalition still has work to do in NE Syria – U.S. official

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – The U.S.-Global Coalition to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) still has a lot of work to do in northeast Syria, as there are still security challenges, IDPs issue, and humanitarian needs, Ian Makari, the Deputy U.S. Special Envoy for the Global Coalition, said on Saturday.

Makari said in an interview with Al Arabiya that the coalition achieved great progress in defeating ISIS and will continue efforts in the region to defeat the group.

Concerning people who live in Hawl Camp, northeast Syria, he said that there are international efforts to solve this problem, as there is a large campaign from different countries to repatriate their nationals from northeast Syria.

Hawl Camp is home to approximately 55,000 individuals, comprising 2,423 families with connections to ISIS militants originating from around 60 countries.

Regarding the children in the camp, there are humanitarian efforts to provide them with education and healthcare services, according to Makari.

In addition, the official stressed that ISIS is emerging in different parts of the world, including Africa and Central Asia.

By Emma Jamal