Turkish authorities transfer 11 detainees from Syria’s Afrin to Turkey

AFRIN, Syria (North Press) – Turkish authorities transferred on Wednesday 11 Syrian detainees from the Kafr Janneh Prison in the countryside of Afrin, northwest Syria, to a prison in Turkey. This operation was carried out in coordination with the Turkish-backed Military Police, affiliated with the Syrian opposition.

An official in the Military Police stated to North Press that the Turkish authorities transferred 11 Syrian detainees, including four women, from the Kafr Janneh Prison in eastern Afrin to a prison in Turkey, after being detained for three months. The detainees were charged with collaborating with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The official revealed the identities of three female detainees: 25-year-old Khuloud Sabbour, 28-year-old Tolay Fannoush, and 19-year-old Salwa Ata Allah.

As for males, the source identified five: 22-year-old Ali Fattouh, 37-year-old Abdulhadi Taha, 30-year-old Suleiman al-Aweir, 25-year-old Isam al-Zana, and 29-year-old Saad al-Wawi.

The source further added that the detainees were trasported via the Bab al-Hamam border crossing near the town of Jindires in southeastern Afrin. The transfer was conducted using two military vehicles, with the operation facilitated by the Military Police.

By Hani Salem