AANES official reveals number of damaged power plants in Syria’s Hasakah

​QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Akram Suleiman, Co-chair of the Energy Office of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) in Hasakah Governorate, northeastern Syria, said on Monday that seven power plants in the region were targeted by Turkish airstrikes. The official revealed the number of injured workers, in addition to the villages and towns that have been left without power as a result of most recent Turkish strikes.

According to Suleiman, the Derbasiyah substation in northern Hasakah was hit twice, the power conversion plant in northern Qamishli was hit three times, the plant in Amuda was hit once, and the plant in Tirbe Spiyeh (al-Qahtaniya) was hit once.

In a statement he published on the AANES’ Executive Council website, he said that nine substations have been knocked out of service due to the Turkish airstrikes. These plants are distributed in northeastern Syria in the following towns: Qamishli, Derbasiyah, Amuda, Tirbe Spiyeh, Derik, Sweidiya, Tel Kocher, Tel Alo, and Tel Tawil.

The Sweidiya gas plant has also been rendered inoperable after being hit with four strikes.

Factories in the town of Rmelan, northeastern Syria, were targeted with six strikes.

Suleiman revealed that seven workers operating in energy facilities have been injured due to the Turkish strikes.

Cities and towns in northeastern Syria, including Qamishli, Derbasiyah, Amuda, Tirbe Spiyeh (al-Qahtaniya), Girke Lege (Maabadeh), Tel Kocher, Tel Hamis, Derik, and Chel Agha (al-Jawadiyah), experienced a 50 percent reduction in power supply.

The airstrikes have deprived 2,232 villages of electricity. Oil and gas facilities were hit with 53 Turkish strikes. Most vital and service facilities such as bakeries, mills, public hospitals, water wells, water pumping stations, and clinics have been put out of commission due to the power outage, according to the official.

By Agid Meshmesh