Turkish attacks on NE Syria deprive 89,418 students of learning – AANES

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – The Education Board of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) stated on Thursday that the Turkish airstrikes on Northeast Syria suspended the educational process of over 700 schools and denied thousands of students of their right to education.

The Board condemned in the statement in the city of Raqqa, northern Syria, the Turkish attacks that stopped the educational process in AANES-held areas. The Board issued a resolution to suspend schools to ensure the safety of students and teachers.

The Turkish airstrikes, which targeted vital infrastructure facilities, halted schooling in 712 schools and denied 89,418 students of learning, the statement pointed out.

It considered the Turkish airstrikes as a war crime and a violation of international norms, adding that the strikes halted the educational process in Kobani and Shahba Region in the north of Aleppo where Afrin IDPs are taking shelter.

The Board condemned the international inaction, calling for Russia and the U.S.-led Global Coalition to stop the Turkish strikes. It also called on the international bodies concerned with education to interfere to prevent the “Turkish crimes” against childhood.

By Qays al-Hamoud