Jordan thwarts drug smuggling from Syria, kills three dealers

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Jordanian army said on Tuesday it thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs from Syria and killed three smugglers.

The Jordanian army said their forces thwarted an operation of smuggling large quantities of drugs from the Syrian territories. The operation led to clashes between the two parties and resulted in the killing of three drug smugglers.  

The army seized about 233,000 captagon pills and 538 kilograms of hashish.  

“We continue to deal with resolve and force any threat to our borders and any attempt to undermine and destabilize the country’s security,” the army said in a statement.

Jordan regularly reports seizing amounts of captagon and various types of drugs. The Jordanian army occasionally declares thwarting attempts to smuggle drugs from Syrian territory.

In October, the Jordanian army thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs from Syrian territories to Jordan.

By John Ahmad