Turkish shelling targets two villages in Syria’s Manbij

MANBIJ, Syria (North Press) – The Manbij Military Council (MMC), affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said on Saturday evening that the Turkish forces and their affiliated factions of Syrian National Army (SNA) shelled two villages in the northern countryside of the city of Manbij, northern Syria.

Turkey’s ongoing shelling of border villages in the Manbij countryside often leads to civilian casualties and property damage, in addition to causing displacement.

The MMC posted on its official Facebook account that the villages of Arab Hassan Kabir and Yalanli, north of Manbij, were shelled with mortar and artillery.

A military source told North Press that the shells were fired from the Turkish base located in the village of Sheikh Nasser, northwest of Manbij.

The shelling of the two villages caused panic among the residents, but no casualties have been recorded, according to the source.

On Oct. 28, Turkish forces and SNA factions targeted the village of Tokhar Saghir in north of Manbij.

By Fattah Issa