AANES warns of potential closure of hospitals due to Turkish attacks

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Official in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) warned on Thursday about the potential closure of hospitals and healthcare facilities due to Turkish shelling on northern Syria.

“Gas and power facilities in Derik in the far northeast of Syria went out of service completely due to a series of Turkish attacks,” Khaled Dawoud, co-chair of Health Board, affiliated with the AANES, said.

Since Oct. 5, Turkey launched many airstrikes, artillery shells, and drone strikes on vital infrastructure, which caused power stations in Hasakah, Amuda, Qamishli, Tirbe Spiyeh, and Derik to go out of service.

On Oct. 1, two individuals carried out a bomb attack in front of the building of the Ministry of Interior in Ankara injuring two police officers.

On Oct.4, Fidan claimed that the two assailants who carried out the attack had been trained in Syria. “From now on, all infrastructure, large facilities and energy facilities belonging to (armed Kurdish groups) in Iraq and Syria are legitimate targets for our security forces,” he threatened.

He stated to North Press that hospitals and healthcare facilities are operating under pressure due to the interruption of water and electricity caused by the Turkish airstrikes.

“Now our main reliance is on generators, but we do not know to what extent we will be able to provide healthcare services because the material damage is extensive,” he further added.

The official described the Turkish attacks and their targeting of service centers, particularly hospitals, as “war crimes against humanity.”

The official called on all international organizations, the UN, the World Health Organization, and the Global Coalition not to remain silent in the face of these violations and to fulfill their duty against these crimes.

The official also emphasized that despite their appeals to guarantor countries and human rights and international health organizations to intervene immediately and prevent Turkey from continuing its attacks, they have unfortunately not received any response so far.

By Nalin Ali/ Dilsoz Youssef