SDF announces killing 6 Turkish soldiers in north Syria

TABQA, Syria (North Press) – The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on Sunday killing six Turkish soldiers and injuring seven others, in addition to killing a militant of the Turkish-backed armed factions, aka the Syrian National Army (SNA), and injuring others in Tabqa and Ain Issa, north Syria.

The SDF said, in a statement, “At 9:00 pm on Friday, our forces targeted Turkish bases in the villages of al-Yabisah, Abdouki, Saida, Jamajim, Tina, and Mazraa in the countryside of Tabqa.”

On Oct. 5, the Turkish army launched drone strikes on infrastructure facilities in several areas of north and northeast Syria that is run by the AANES. The strikes took place following a statement by Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hakan Fidan, in which he threatened to strike a broader range of targets in Syria and Iraq in retaliation for the Ankara attack.

On Oct. 1, two individuals carried out a bomb attack in front of the building of the Ministry of Interior in Turkey’s Ankara injuring two police officers.

On Oct. 4, Fidan claimed that the two attackers had been trained in Syria. “From now on, all infrastructure, large facilities and energy facilities belonging to (armed Kurdish groups) in Iraq and Syria are legitimate targets for our security forces,” he threatened.

The attacks resulted in the killing of three Turkish soldiers, including an officer, at the al-Yabisah base, in addition to injuring three others, according to the SDF statement.

Two Turkish soldiers were also killed at the Abdouki Turkish base, and three others were injured, while one militant of the SNA was killed and five were injured in the targeting of the Mazraa Turkish base, the statement added.

The SDF mentioned that significant damage was also inflicted on heavy weapons belonging to the Turkish forces at their bases surrounding the town of Ain Issa, where two Turkish bases in the villages of Tayba and Mardouda were targeted on Saturday evening, resulting in the killing of one soldier and the injury of another.

By Saad Yaziji