Turkish attacks create environment for ISIS to regroup – Hawl Camp

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – The Administration of Hawl Camp in the countryside of Hasakah, northeastern Syria, stated on Saturday Turkish attacks against the region will create a suitable environment for the revival of the Islamic State (ISIS) hence causing instability in the region.

The statement said “Turkey aims to create an conducive environment for ISIS to regroup. These attacks impact our work and that of our partners in the camp, which houses tens of thousands of ISIS families, and is the epicenter of terrorism and a threat to the security of the entire world.”

On Oct. 5, the Turkish army launched drone strikes on infrastructure facilities in several areas of north and northeast Syria that is run by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). The strikes took place following a statement by Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hakan Fidan, in which he threatened to strike a broader range of targets in Syria and Iraq in retaliation for the Ankara attack.

On Oct. 1, two individuals carried out a bomb attack in front of the building of the Ministry of Interior in Turkey’s Ankara injuring two police officers.

On Oct. 4, Fidan claimed that the two attackers had been trained in Syria. “From now on, all infrastructure, large facilities and energy facilities belonging to (armed Kurdish groups) in Iraq and Syria are legitimate targets for our security forces,” he threatened.

The Turkish drone strikes that hit near refugee and IDP camps cause fear and panic among the residents and humanitarian organization, which led those organization to stop operations, according to the statement.

The Administration called on the international community and the UN  to assume its responsibilities towards the residents of the region and the camp’s security.

By Robin Omar