Turkish forces target Syria’s Manbij with mortar shells

MANBIJ, Syria (North Press) – Turkish forces and their affiliated armed opposition factions, aka Syrian National Army (SNA), shelled on Tuesday the village of Kawkli in the western countryside of Manbij, northern Syria, with several mortar shells.

A local source from Kawkli, located west of Manbij, told North Press, “Turkish forces and their SNA targeted the village with five mortar shells.”

The source added that the shelling caused panic and fear among the residents of the village, as well as damage to their properties.

A day earlier, Manbij Military Council (MMC), affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), announced killing 26 militants and injuring 21 others of the SNA in Manbij.

This came following a military operation called “Security Reinforcement” launched by the SDF against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Deir ez-Zor Governorate, eastern Syria. The SDF later announced the dismissal of commander of Deir ez-Zor Military Council, Ahmad al-Khabil, known as Abu Khawla, from duty, for his involvement in crimes and violations.

The operation led to the eruption of clashes between the SDF and gunmen affiliated with the dismissed leader and with Nawaf al-Bashir, leader of al-Baggara tribe and a pro-Iranian figure whose groups are active in the western bank of the Euphrates which is under the control of the Syrian government forces and Iranian-backed militias.

By Fadi Hussein