SDF announces killing over 10 Turkish “mercenaries” in Syria’s Tel Tamr

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) responded on Sunday to attacks of Turkish “mercenaries” on villages in the town of Tel Tamr north of Hasakah Governorate, northeast Syria, and completely foiled them,” according to Tel Tamr Military Council.

The retaliatory operations against the Turkish attacks resulted in the killing of more than 10 “Turkish mercenaries.”

The mercenaries tried to portray the operation as a battle between Kurds and Arabs. Using this pretext, they attempted to distort the objectives of the operation and exploit it for their own plans, according to the Military Council of Tel Tamr.

On Aug. 27, the SDF launched a military operation called “Security Reinforcement” with the support of the US-led Global Coalition on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, specifically in Deir ez-Zor, “to eradicate Islamic State (ISIS) sleeper cells, pursue criminals responsible for perpetrating injustices against the local population, and to track down smugglers who exploit the populace’s livelihoods.”

On Aug. 30, the SDF announced the dismissal of commander of Deir ez-Zor Military Council, Ahmad al-Khabil, known as Abu Khawla, from duty, for his involvement “in multiple crimes and violations, including communication and coordination with external entities hostile to the revolution, committing criminal offenses and engaging in drug trafficking, mismanaging of the security situation, his negative role in increasing the activities of ISIS cells,” according to the SDF.

The operation led to the eruption of clashes between the SDF and gunmen affiliated with the dismissed leader and with al-Bashir whose groups are active in the western bank of the Euphrates which is under the control of the Syrian government forces and Iranian-backed militias.

The Turkish forces launch daily attacks on the SDF-held areas. While they continue to target the countryside of the city of Manbij, northern Syria, according to the Military Council.

The “mercenaries” tried to attack the village of Bubi in the town of Zirgan (Abu Rasin), north of Hasakah. However, the SDF repelled the attack, killing two mercenaries and injuring several others.

The Military Council said that it will continue to protect all the areas of northern and eastern Syria.

By Emma Jamal