Project announced for local administration of Syria’s Suwayda   

SUWAYDA, Syria (North Press) – A group of retired officers announced on Sunday evening an administration project in Suwayda and its countryside through establishing a provisional council and a military committee after shutting all government institutions in Suwayda Governorate, southern Syria.

Retired Brigadier General, Nayef al-Aqel, issued a statement after meeting with Hikmat al-Hajiri, leader of the Druze al-Muwahhidun, involving eight articles on organizing work and to administer the governorate.

One of the articles stated to establish a specialized body consisting of all communities of Suwayda, and confirmed the unity of Syrian territories.

The statement also stressed the need to find a solution for the political crisis in Syria and to support the peaceful political solution in accordance with UNSC Res. 2254.

One of the statement’s articles stressed on establishing a military council under the supervision of Brigadier General Nayef al-Aqel to unite the factions and supervise their operations to achieve social security across all Suwayda.

Another article stipulated withdrawing confidence from the members of People’s Assembly (Syrian Parliament) and local administration representing Suwayda. The article also stated to establish a temporary administration council to manage the governorate’s affairs.

The retired officers called for opening a border crossing with Jordan to promote economic development in Suwayda.

The statement was supported and approved by al-Hajiri. The protestors have not yet declared their position about the statement.

Since Aug. 17, anti-government protests have erupted in Suwayda, demanding “the ousting of the regime and the implementation of the UN Res. 2254.”   

By Razan Zeinaddin