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شورش درويش

The paradox of Iran’s containment policy in Syria

What is #Iran’s plan in #Syria with the start of the new US administration? @DarwishShoresh

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Syria’s Kurds and the policy of self-distancing

Shoresh Darwish writes for North Press about Syria’s Kurds and their relationship with conflicts and disputes in the neighboring Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

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Bet on the Kurdish-Turkish difficult peace

the coming #US policy in the area leads us to a group of inferences like the Democrats' refusal of the policy of the #Turkish president, @RTErdogan in previous phases in…

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Trump and Erdogan: US extends its viability

The extraordinary relationship between US president Donald Trump and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which can be found in media reports, indicate that Erdogan is one of the presidents most…

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Mercenaries as part of the military industry

The Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 put an end to the long-standing European warfare which lasted for nearly thirty years. The shape of the modern state was among other things…

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When Washington speeds up the intra-Kurdish dialogue

Little was leaked from the surprise visit of United States Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey to Syria, although foreseeing the reasons for the visit was easy, as the…

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From the state of components to the state of citizenship

The term “components” has leaked from Iraq to Syrian political and community languages in the years following the American occupation of Iraq, and writings, research, and articles began to teem…

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The Caesar Act: A Trojan horse

Shoresh Darwish   Although the Caesar Act took a long time to explain the details of the sanctions through very clear articles, which in its entirety affect the Syrian regime…

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