AANES, France stress expanding support for NE Syria

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Representatives from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and the French government stressed in a meeting on Sunday that anti-terrorism support for the AANES should not be limited to the military aid, but include economic and humanitarian help as well. 

These remarks were made during a meeting in Qamishli city, northeastern Syria, on Sunday between the Co-chair of the AANES Department of Foreign Relations, Badran Chia Kurd, and a French delegation headed by Stéphane Romatet, the director of the Crisis Management and Support Center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting discussed the Syrian-Turkish rapprochement and latest developments in the region, including recent Turkish military escalations and the threat of the Islamic State (ISIS), read a statement on the department’s website.

The Syrian-Turkish rapprochement comes at the expense of “a segment of the Syrian people,” Co-chair Chia Kurd said. “It undermines the efforts made for a political solution in Syria and quashes the UN’s efforts to find a political solution in line with UN Resolution 2254.”

He stressed the need for supporting the region’s stability on the political, economic and humanitarian arenas. “Transparent positions regarding the region are necessary.”

French representative Stéphane Romatet said that his government is closely following the developments in the region.

The French diplomat voiced his country’s concerns over ISIS presence in the region, adding that the extremist group still threatens the region.

He added that the French government is committed to remain in the region until the anti-ISIS mission is over.

Romatet said that there is a need to support a variety of sectors in North and East Syria, especially water-provision and agriculture, stressing that his country will back these endeavors.

Reporting by Adnan Hamo