Questioning Ghannouchi re-opens sending jihadists to Syria

DAMASCUS (North Press) – On Monday, a strategic expert in Tunisia said people in Tunisia are looking forward to see Rached Ghannouchi and his followers convicted of sending jihadists to Syria. “It is an important issue though not a strange one,” she said.

It is scheduled that today Ghannouchi head of Ennahda party and his deputy Ali Layaredhi be questioned at the Anti-Terror Unit on the background of sending jihadists from Tunisia to hotbeds of extremism to several countries including Syria. 

Director of Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies Badra Gaaloul told North Press the issue [of sending jihadists] is not new. Years ago, information were collected and reported files including field ones via Tunisian committees in Syria regarding engaging Tunisian youths in wars outside home notably in Syria.

Periodically, information and documents were handed over to the Public Prosecution over the past years. However, since Ennahda Party was the ruling one in Tunisia before the ascension to power of President Qais Saied “the file remained closed,” Gaaloul said.   

The Tunisian expert said supported by President Saied “The file was opened and the Tunisian people is waiting for Ghannouchi and his followers be detained on terror charges.”

In turn, Ennahda Party accused the President Qais Saied of inventing “malicious cases” against the opposition on the background of calling Ghannouchi and other leaders to investigation. 

Two other Ennahda MPs are called into investigations one of them is Mohamed Frikha Director of Syphax Airlines where is suspected to have transferred jihadsists to Syria via organized trips to Turkey.

Gaaloul said Ghannouchi and his partners are not allowed to leave the country until the issue is settled, that is they are under surveillance.

She indicated the issue has not been referred to prosecution yet and is still at Anti-Terror Unit.

Reporting by Hozan Zubair