Calm prevails in Syria’s Kobani following Turkish shelling

KOBANI, Syria (North Press) – The countryside of Kobani city, northern Syria, witnessed on Sunday evening a state of calm after many villages there were subjected to Turkish shelling in the morning.

On Sunday morning, the Turkish forces bombarded the eastern and western countryside of Kobani, targeting inhabited villages with a number of mortar and artillery shells, injuring an 18-year-old guy in the village of Qaramogh, 20 km east of Kobani.

A military source told North Press that the Turkish forces also hit an outpost of Syrian government forces in the village of Jishan, leaving three soldiers dead and three wounded.

Other military sources told North Press that the Russian Military Police intervened on Sunday noon to retrieve the bodies of the government forces who had been killed in the Turkish strikes on their position.

The Russian Military Police used two armored vehicles, an ambulance and a bulldozer while recovering the soldiers’ corpses.

On August 16, Turkish warplanes targeted, for the first time, a military post of the Syrian government forces in the village of Jarqli, west of the city of Kobani, killing 13 soldiers and injuring others.

Reporting by Samer Othman