Teacher killed in Syria’s Daraa countryside

DARAA, Syria (North Press) – Residents found on Wednesday the body of a teacher who was killed by gunshot in the northern city of al-Sanamayn in the northern countryside of Daraa, southern Syria.

A local source told North Press that the residents of Rayna, north of al-Sanamayn, found the teacher’s body.

The body belongs to Muhammad Faris al-Atma, bearing traces of gunshot by unknown attackers. 

Al-Atma was a teacher of philosophy in one of the city’s schools, and he had never joined any military party, the source added. 

His killing was sudden for all the city’s residents, and he was known for his good reputation, according to the source.

In the past months, incidents of finding bodies, subjected to torture and shooting are daily repeated in Daraa, despite the deployment of military posts by government forces. 

On Wednesday evening, residents found two bodies on al-Harbi road near the town of Tel Shihab in Daraa western countryside. 

The two bodies showed signs of torture and shooting in the body.

On Thursday, a local source told North Press that the two bodies belonged to two young men Khalaf Hayel al-lisissi and Hamouda Faleh al-Dandan.

They are two former members of the Syrian opposition, who hail from the town of Kharab al-Shahem, west of Daraa.

Since the government forces re-captured Daraa in 2018, the governorate has been living in a state of insecurity, with one or two daily assassinations targeting soldiers and officers of the Syrian government forces, civilians and others.

Reporting by Mo’ayed al-Ashqar