Russia’s presidential representative meets Syrian parties including SDC  

DAMASCUS (North Press) – On Thursday, a number of Syrian parties and figures met with Mikhail Bogdanov, Special Representative of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for the Middle East and North Africa and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in which they discussed reviving the political process in Syria.   

The official website of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) announced that both Sihanok Dibo and Ali al-Asi met Bogdanov. They discussed prospects of launching the political process based on the UN Resolution 2254 and “Working to end the Syrian tragedy and fining a sustainable solution that emanates from an intra-Syrian dialogue,” according to SDC.  

Also, Qadri Jamil and Ala Arafat representing the Moscow Forum, Khaled al-Mahamid, Deputy chair of the former Syrian Negotiation Committee, Ubaida al-Nahas head of the National Renewal Movement, Adel Said representing the National Coordination Body and Hassan al-Atrash representing Jabal al-Arab Initiative in Suwayda, attended the meeting.   

This comes at a time the SDC prepares to hold a conference bringing together all democratically-oriented figures from all areas to exchange views and to propose viable solutions to the Syrian crisis.  

Reporting by Rahaf Youssef