Turkish drone attack claims three lives in Syria’s Qamishli

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Friday, three individuals lost their lives in a Turkish drone attack on a car in the eastern countryside of Qamishli, a city northeast Syria.

A local source told North Press, “At about 07:00 pm, a Turkish drone targeted a car in the village of Shorek east of Qamishli.”

“Three individuals were killed in the attack, and the car was completely burnt,” the source added.

The source went further saying that the targeting caused some shrapnel to reach schools in the village, resulting in material losses.

Following Tehran’s summit, Turkey has intensified its attacks using drones against civilians, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and Syrian government forces amidst successive statements by Turkish officials, threatening to launch a new military operation against Syria’s north.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently announced plans to carry out another major military cross-border incursion into northern Syria. Erdogan specified his targets in the two northern Syrian cities of Manbij and Tel Rifaat.

On July 1, Erdogan said that Ankara’s new military operation in northern Syria could begin at any moment.

“The time has come to clear these lands from the terrorist organizations,” Erdogan threatened during Tehran Summit.

Tehran’s Summit brought presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey together on July 19 with Syrian issue on the top of its agenda.

On Friday at dawn, a Turkish drone targeted a position of the Syrian government forces in the village of Zor Maghar in the western countryside of the city of Kobani, north Syria.