Pro-government forces faction kills, injures civilians in Syria’s Suwayda

SUWAYDA, Syria (North Press) – Members of a Pro-government forces faction killed three civilians and injured four others on Saturday evening in al-Maqous neighborhood, east of the city of Suwayda.

“An armed faction led by Raji Falhout, who is supported by Military Intelligence, attacked a swimming pool in al-Maqous neighborhood, under the pretext of searching for wanted men, and killed three civilians,” local sources told North Press.

The faction also kidnapped four other young men, whose names North Press was unable to document.

The families of the victims blocked al-Maqous road and fired randomly. The sounds of bullets are still heard around, the sources added.

Despite the arrival of military reinforcements in early February to control the state of chaos, Suwayda governorate is still witnessing security chaos and the spread of gangs backed by government security authorities.

Since the beginning of this year, North Press has documented the death of forty-three people, as a result of the chaos and the insecurity prevailed in the governorate.

Reporting by Razan Zeinaddin