Ten individuals lost lives within week in Syria’s Daraa

Daraa, Syria (North Press) – Syria’s southern governorate of Daraa witnessed an increase in killing incidents during the last week where ten individuals, most of whom were government members, were killed in different areas.

On May 18, local sources told North Press that Fou’ad al-Aboud, secretary general of Baath Party in the village of al- Naimah east of Daraa, and Awad al-Aboud, mayor of the town, were killed by unidentified attackers, who were riding a motorcycle.

On May 17, two members of the Syrian government forces were killed in the eastern countryside of Daraa in a shooting by unknown attackers, local sources said.

The attackers directly fired Rami Muhammad and Omar Qasem, members of the 15th Special Forces Division of the government forces, in the village of  Saida in the eastern countryside of Daraa, the sources told North Press.

On the same day, Mazen Mosa al-Zo’bi lost his life in an IED explosion that was planted in his car in al-Sabil neighborhood in Daraa governorate.

Al-Zo’bi, who hailed from the town of al-Taebah in the eastern countryside of Daraa, has recently joined the Military Security branch of the government forces.

He is the oldest son of the government dissident Brigadier General Mosa al-Zo’bi, who has been arrested since 2019.

On the same day, Ahmad al-Qastam al-Musalma, a member of the government security branch, in the neighborhood of al-Menshiya in Daraa governorate, was killed in an IED explosion that was planted in his car, according to local sources.

On May 16, the young man Najib Naji al-Ali was killed by bullets of unidentified individuals on al-Shajara-Baiyt Irah route in Yarmouk Basin region in the western countryside of Daraa, local sources said.

Al-Ali was a civilian who had not joint any opposition or government military entities, according to the same sources.

On May 15, local sources told North Press that Qitefan Mahmoud Kiwan, a former leader in the opposition factions, was killed with another man called Amer Abdulqader Kiwan by unknown individuals in the city of Tafas, west of Daraa,

On the same day, unknown individuals targeted Bassam Ahmad al-Mahamid, a member of the Fourth Division of the Syrian government forces, in Daraa al-Balad region in Daraa city, local source told North Press.

Reporting by Ihsan Muhammad