Women and children injured in Turkish shelling of Syria’s Raqqa countryside

AIN ISSA, Syria (North Press) – On Sunday, four civilians were injured, including two children in a shelling by the Turkish forces and their affiliated armed factions on Ain Issa countryside north of Raqqa, northern Syria. 

Two women and two children, who were injured in their village of Alimat, western countryside of Ain Issa, arrived in the hospital this morning, a medical source at Omar Alloush hospital in the town said. 

They were wounded by fragments in their heads and arms, they will be transferred to Raqqa’s hospital to get treatment, the source added. 

Yesterday, two civilians lost their lives and four others were injured in a Turkish bombardment on Ain Issa countryside, the injured reached Omar Alloush hospital in the town.

Ain Issa town and its countryside and the western villages of Tel Abyad, north Syria, and other areas of northeast Syria are under frequent Turkish military and its-affiliated factions’ shelling. 

Reported by Gulistan Muhammad