Government armed group arrests young men in Syria’s Daraa

DARAA, Syria (North Press) – A local group affiliated with the Military Security Branch of the Syrian government arrested four young men, who are said to be civilians, after storming their house in the governorate of Daraa, south Syria.

Members of the group of Mustafa al-Masalmeh known a “al-Kasem” stormed the house of Tayysir Ayyash in Sabil neighborhood and arrested four of his sons after inspecting their house completely, a local source told North Press.

Al-Kasem, who was a former leader of the ranks of the Syrian armed opposition, joined the Military Security Branch of the government in 2018.

The former leader of opposition and the current government official took part in many arrests against civilians in Menshyya neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad, according to testimonies by local residents.

The group accompanied the four young men to an unknown place without revealing the reason for arrest, according to the source.

The arrest came a day after killing Muhammad Bassam Terki al-Masalmeh, 21, nicknamed Abu Terki, a commander of a military unit in the Fourth Armored Division affiliated with the Syrian government forces, when an IED detonated in his vehicle in al-Matar neighborhood in the center of Daraa.

Reporting by Mu’ayed al-Ashqar