We are seeking for international political recognition in 2022, AANES’ official

RAQQA, Syria (North Press) – We are seeking to achieve international political recognition in 2022, an official of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) said, on Wednesday.

In mid-August, the co-chair of the AANES Executive Council, Abd Hamed al-Mehbash, said “the opening of offices in European countries helps develop political relations with those countries.”

The AANES has opened offices in a number of European countries, including France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, and Norway, the last of which was the office in Geneva, Switzerland.

Hassan Kocher, the deputy co-chair of the Executive Council of the AANES, said the AANES wants to achieve international recognition within the framework of the Syrian territorial integrity.

“The AANES has important plans that it wants to achieve in 2022, including intensifying diplomatic representation, and developing the administration’s foreign relations to move towards solving the Syrian crisis,” he told North Press.

Kocher considered that the development of administrative and institutional work in the Autonomous Administration “has become an urgent need that must be achieved during the next year.”

He pointed out that the Autonomous Administration aspires to increase popular acceptance, and that reformulating the Social Contract of northeastern Syria achieves this desire.

On December 11, the expanded committee for drafting the social contract for northeast Syria began holding its meetings with the participation of 157 representatives of the AANES, political and human rights figures, and delegates from the civil society institutions.

“The AANES wants to develop political dialogue among all Syrian parties, and to search for a political solution in Syria in accordance with the UN Resolution 2254 on the political transfer of power,” Kocher noted.

Reporting by Ammar Abdullatif