IED exploded in Syria-Jordan Nasib Border Crossing

DARAA, Syria (North Press) – On Saturday, an IED exploded in the Nasib Border Crossing with Jordan, in the eastern countryside of Daraa, south Syria.

As a result of the IED explosion that unknown individuals planted in the Nasib Border Crossing on the Syrian-Jordanian borders, material losses were reported and no casualties.

The explosion occurred near  the Security Military Department within the crossing, local sources told North Press.

the department has been recently established after the withdrawal of Air Force Intelligence members, early in November,  within a series of change that took place in Daraa after finishing with settlement processes.

The town of Nasib, which is adjacent to the crossing, is among the first towns that were subjected to settlements by the government in the eastern countryside of Daraa.

On August 4, crossing movement between Syria and Jordan returned to normal after cessation due to the security events in Daraa city, south Syria, informed sources told North Press.

In April 2015 it was captured by so-called the Free Syrian Army and al-Nusra Front. The Syrian government recaptured it in July 2018, and it was officially reopened in October 2018.

Reporting by Ihsan Muhammad