Turkish drone kills three civilians in Syria’s northeast

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Tuesday, three people lost their lives in an attack by a Turkish drone in al-Hilaliya neighborhood in the city of Qamishli, northeast Syria.

This attack came within the framework of the Turkish violation of the ceasefire agreements signed between Russia and Turkey on one hand and between the US and Turkey on the other hand in October 2019.

In late October, the Euphrates Region Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and Eest Syria (AANES) held the US-led Global Coalition and Russia responsible for the Turkish attacks on Kobani area, north Syria.

On October 23, Turkish drones targeted, for the second time during less than a week, a civil car in the city of Kobani.

Meanwhile, the first attack took place in the same city against a civil car also.

As a result of the two Turkish attacks, two civilians and three members of the Syrian democratic Forces (SDF) lost their lives and others were wounded.

On August 23, a Turkish drone targeted a military car in the village of Himo, in the western countryside of Qamishli, leaving wounded.

A week earlier, another attack by a Turkish drone on a car belonging to the AANES killed a leader of the People’s Protection Unites (YPG) on the route runs from Qamishli to Amuda near Ali Fero junction.

Reporting by Fansa Tamo