Gas to be delivered to Lebanon in early 2022: Egyptian Oil Minister

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister of Egypt, Tariq alMulla announced his country will deliver gas to Lebanon through Jordan and Syria in early 2022.   

In a press interview with Bloomberg, al-Mulla said Egypt will assist Lebanon in its gas crisis and will supply the derivative of petroleum to Lebanon to produce power.

In this regard, a Syrian-Lebanese delegation accompanied by Egyptian technicians checked two gas power stations, al-Rayan and al-Dabousa, to make sure gas pipelines are ready.   

On October 11, Bassam Ta’meh, the Syrian oil Minister, said Syria is ready to deliver Egyptian gas to Lebanon following the completion of maintenance to the Arab Gas Pipeline (AGP) that passes through Syria.

The AGP delivers natural gas to the Middle East and then to Europe. It is the first project to connect the seven world continents together.

In this context, the Hebrew 12 channel said earlier that the gas to reach Lebanon is not Egyptian but Israeli.

“The procedures to deliver gas to Lebanon will end in the next few weeks” the Egyptian Energy Minister said on October 26 after meeting his Lebanese counterpart in Cairo.

On September 8, Oil Ministers of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan had a meeting in Amman, the Jordanian capital, to discuss the issue of gas supply to Lebanon through Syrian lands.

According to the World Bank, Lebanon is suffering a gas shortage crisis, severe increase of food prices and the worst dire economic crisis since a century and a half. 

Reporting by Mousa Haydar